New Technology and Payments Made Easier

The payment processing industry has evolved greatly since the days of carbon copy imprinting. Recent developments in electronic communications and data protection have improved security and convenience for both the retailer and the consumer. The [...]

Does Your Processor Earn Your Business?

When you are looking for a payment processor, it is easy to get attention from several representatives. You might even get multiple visits a week from the same company. However, it is the behavior of [...]

How Does Your Payment Processor Help You?

Can a relationship with a payment processor actually help you? When you choose the right payment processor to work with, your relationship can be the source of several benefits. There are many opportunities that can [...]

How ACH Processing Can Help Your Business

Does your business accept ACH payments? An abbreviated term for Automated Clearing House, it is technology that allows you to accept electronic check payments. There are many ways that ACH processing can help your business. [...]

Four Reasons to Use a Local Payment Processor

Today merchants have choices across the globe for payment processing, as most providers offer applications online. While this can be convenient, there are some advantages to choosing a local payment processor. Local payment processors can [...]

Why Gift Cards Today?

The branded gift card is changing the market for many retailers. Not long ago, a gift certificate was a special item kept in the merchant's drawer and sold upon request. Today, the gift card is [...]

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