How to Get Your Merchant Account Application Approved

The ultimate guide to merchant accounts and online credit card processing for your business. Are you seeking a merchant account for your credit card transactions?  It’s easy to get confused about the terms and requirements involved in taking credit card payments or electronic check payments. What is the difference between a merchant account, a payment [...]

How ACH Processing Can Help Your Business

Does your business accept ACH payments? An abbreviated term for Automated Clearing House, it is technology that allows you to accept electronic check payments. There are many ways that ACH processing can help your business. ACH Builds Credibility A business that offers multiple payment options increases its credibility to customers. Most merchants wouldn't even consider [...]

Why Gift Cards Today?

The branded gift card is changing the market for many retailers. Not long ago, a gift certificate was a special item kept in the merchant's drawer and sold upon request. Today, the gift card is a popular sales item that is prominently displayed for purchase. Merchants are jumping at the opportunity to offer their own [...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Merchant Services Provider

Finding the right Merchant service provider can be overwhelming. With technology and competition, it's more than just processing payments. How can you differentiate between payment processors? Choosing a partner to handle all of your sensitive payment data is no light decision. These five questions can help determine what company is the best fit for you. [...]