Does Your Processor Earn Your Business?

When you are looking for a payment processor, it is easy to get attention from several representatives. You might even get multiple visits a week from the same company. However, it is the behavior of your processor after they have closed the sale that shows their commitment to your success. Is your processor earning your [...]

How Does Your Payment Processor Help You?

Can a relationship with a payment processor actually help you? When you choose the right payment processor to work with, your relationship can be the source of several benefits. There are many opportunities that can open. Making business connections. Your local representative works with multiple businesses in your community. When your company needs a product, [...]

Four Reasons to Use a Local Payment Processor

Today merchants have choices across the globe for payment processing, as most providers offer applications online. While this can be convenient, there are some advantages to choosing a local payment processor. Local payment processors can provide on site service If you are having a minor issue and just need a question answered, the call center [...]

5 Questions to Ask Your Merchant Services Provider

Finding the right Merchant service provider can be overwhelming. With technology and competition, it's more than just processing payments. How can you differentiate between payment processors? Choosing a partner to handle all of your sensitive payment data is no light decision. These five questions can help determine what company is the best fit for you. [...]