Increase sales by offering your customers the ability to pay by electronic check. You can expand your payment options while reducing the risk of returned paper checks.

  • Reduce the Risk of Check Payment – Maiden Payments can verify the validity of checks you receive so that you don’t lose money on transactions that are fraudulent or have insufficient funds.
  • Receive Your Money Quickly – Check processing can put cash in your bank account faster than credit card transactions, usually withing one or two days. Accepting electronic checks can improve your cash flow.
  • Reduce Transaction Fees – Check processing fees are fixed rates for each transaction, which reduces the fee percentage on larger transactions. By offering this option, you can keep a higher percentage of the sale.

Maiden Payments has a payment solution for your specific business model, and we support our top-of-the-line equipment with exceptional service. Contact us today to discuss your payment processing options.

Maiden Payments can equip you to accept various forms of payment, including credit cards, debit/ATM cards, fleet cards, EBT, check cards, and gift and loyalty cards. Our payment processing customers enjoy many benefits:

  • Confidence in Reliable Customer Service – What if you have a technical question in the middle of a busy Saturday? If you are a Maiden Payments customer, you won’t need to panic. We offer 24/7 local customer support with zero hold times to help you operate smoothly.
  • Fast Insight with Real Time Reporting – Understand customer behavior as it is happening with real time reporting. Maiden Payments gives you access to batch and deposit information, statements, charge-back reporting, and transaction data immediately so that you can understand you business performance and make necessary adjustments.
  • Hassle-Free Streamlined Billing – Process transactions anytime, anywhere through one common platform to receive integrated billing. Our devices will synchronize all transactions, whether they are offered through credit card terminals, mobile devices or an online virtual terminal.
  • Help with Cash Flow – Maiden Payments can help you generate cash flow so that you can keep your business growing. Get the cash that you need now and pay back the funds over time. Our funding partners work directly with merchants to purchase a preset amount of their Visa® and MasterCard® credit card receivables.