Today merchants have choices across the globe for payment processing, as most providers offer applications online. While this can be convenient, there are some advantages to choosing a local payment processor.

Local payment processors can provide on site service

If you are having a minor issue and just need a question answered, the call center for your online processor can probably help. But what if you have major equipment failure? An online processor can ship a new credit card terminal to you, but a local provider can bring it to your door. If you are depending on your equipment to process sales, the cost of a longer response time can add up quickly in lost business.

A Local Payment Processor Knows Your Business Market

There's more to payment processing than transactions and fees. The best payment processors can help you leverage your merchant account to improve marketing and increase revenue. A local representative has experience with marketing efforts in your community. They have clients who sell to the same market, and they can provide some insight into what is working well. This consultative advice can produce more sales.

You Can Establish a Referral Relationship with a Local Payment Processor.

Because your local representative is actively calling on other businesses in your community, it is easy for them to help you find new customers. Many local merchant services reps become solid referral partners with their clients. As you get to know each other's business well, a mutually beneficial relationship is established.

Money spent in your community often flows back to your business.

Local dollars often stay local. Your sales representative and the other employees of your payment processor are members of your community who do business in your community. Their consumer spending supports the livelihood of others in the area who can become your customers. Some of them might have a direct need for your services. When you support local businesses, you are contributing to the economy that supports you.

If you are looking for a payment processor in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maiden Payments is happy to help you. Contact your local representative today to learn how we can help you market in our community.