Credit Card Fraud

Our experts have developed a risk management and fraud detection system that combines detailed reporting, statistical analysis, algorithmic theory, and 24 hour monitoring. We work consistently to analyze your transactions and stay up-to-date on trends to identify risk and prevent loss due to fraud.

Check Processing Fraud

Our electronic check processing service reduces fraud by reducing the risk of accepting bad checks. Our screening and verification process only takes a few seconds, so it is convenient for the customer without exposing you to high risk transactions.

PCI Compliance

If you want to accept credit cards as a merchant, you are required to become PCI compliant, which means you meet the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These standards protect your customers from data theft and inspire confidence in your business as a reliable place to use a credit card. Maiden Payments’ systems are PCI Compliant, and we can assist you with your internal procedure to ensure that you are meeting the standards.

Maiden Payments takes great care to protect both your business and your customers from fraud. You can be confident that you are providing and receiving the best in fraud protection when you trust us with your merchant account.

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