Oh snap!  Your credit card terminal just went down during the lunch rush.  The screen is completely blank.  What do you do?

The first thing that comes to mind is pick up the phone and call your merchant processor.  You find their customer service number and you punch it in quickly.  The auto-attendant picks up, “Press 1 for Customer Service, Press 2 for Technical Support, Press 3 for …” you quickly punch in 2 for Technical Support and on comes the hold music.

Customers are lining up buying coffee and sandwiches, coming from nearby offices because they heard how good your sandwiches are.  You are getting nervous and more frustrated by the minute as you listen to the elevator hold music.

Fifteen minutes later, someone with a heavy accent picks up.  You can barely understand what he’s saying, but you start describing your problem anyway only to be asked who you are.  After a nerve wracking 5 minutes of the tech support agent finding your information in their computer, you proceed to once again describe the problem.  The agent then asks what credit card machine you are using.  You reply back quickly ‘VeriFone VX520’.  The agent then says hold on one minute only to come back with, “we do not support this credit card terminal.  Would you like to buy a new one for $299 today?”

Your blood is now boiling.  Thoughts are racing through your mind as you hear customers getting more and more antsy about their orders: ‘You signed up with your processor a year ago and had no problems with them.  Then the one day you need help, and they tell you they don’t support the machine they sent you!  How could they?!’

You immediately ask for a supervisor.  The agent comes back with, “He’s out to lunch”.  You ask for the manager only to have the agent come back and say “He’s in a meeting”.  You ask to speak to someone else, with the agent coming back “they’re all on another call”.  Out of frustration you hang up the phone.

Thinking maybe that was a new agent, surely a big processor like that won’t send me a credit card machine they don’t support, you try calling back with a different extension.  This time, you reach a person’s voicemail.  You leave a message to be called back.

With the customers growing more and more impatient, you try the payment processor’s number once again.  There has to be someone that will surely pick up.  You try a different extension.  Voicemail.  One more time, voicemail.

After typing War and Peace into your telephone, you finally get someone to pick up.  They tell you just unplug the power, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in.  You proceed to do that, and lo and behold it works.  Such a simple answer for such a complicated process.

When it is all said and done, you were on the phone for 2 hours, lost hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars in sales, all because your payment processor was out to lunch.

Bad Customer Service is a Choice you no longer have to suffer.  It’s time you call the professionals – Maiden Payments.